Director: Allen Lv
Producer: Wang Miao
DoP: Jeremy Rubier
B_Cam:Wang Miao
Line Producer: Sienna
Editor: Jeremy Ruiber
Sound Design: Tim Qiu

Dance Dance Dance

The most dangerous thing is
Settle Down, Stop evolution

Having a steady life, means you’re waiting to die in your 30s.

The founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos once said this “In the Cambrian period, the Earth experienced an evolutionary species explosion. This period is also the fastest period of extinction and growth. In such an environment, the most dangerous thing is to stop the evolution."

People's metabolism does not know when to slow down. We forget how desperate we had the desire to change. This time, the three girls in the scene, Zen, Miko, and Nicky, represented our youth, they fear a “steady life.”

"Settle down" is like taking anesthetics, unsettle makes people feel alive. They put down the words: Having a steady life, means you’re waiting to die in your 30s.

Their parents used to be against them, “Being a dancer is not a proper job,” However, they still decided to give up the life that already have been set up for them. They’ve tried tons of jobs, none of them they truly liked. Whether they’re happy or not, dancing is the only thing that they want to do and they will keep doing it.

Some people still can’t understand when them have encounter with dancers on the streets, they think it is the sort of game plays by a bunch of “bad kids”. These three girls will look straight at your eyes: “Everyone is being real here, it’s not like I’ll kill you, or I’m trying to put your down, I enjoy my music and having a great time dancing, I don’t need anyone to judge me.”

In the past 20 years, we’ve been living in the scene of science fiction movies. In Shanghai, you wake up with hundreds of thousands of information explosion. Everyone has to chase with vibe instead of settle down. The new Cambrian period has come, only keep evolving can not be replaced by other species.