Director: Allen Lv
Producer: Wang Miao
DoP: Allen Lv
B_Cam:Wang Miao/Yang yi
Line Producer: Sienna
Editor: Allen Lv
Sound Design: Tim Qiu

Shanghai Spiderman

Maybe this city does not belong to me,

But I still choose to stay.

Someday, you might see them dropping down along those steel cables through your office window. You give them a quick glance, then feel the atmosphere becoming slightly awkward. Then you just try to move your gazing back to your still typing keyboard.

The distance between you and them is nothing but merely a piece of thin glass, but you would never try to approach them. Even that you and they are living in the same city, but you would choose to forget about this encounter before the end of your day.

When you are complaining about the temperature of your office’s air-conditioner, they are hanging between life and death several hundreds of feet above the ground. The sun roars in the sky, sweat drops from their foreheads, evaporates before hits the ground. People call them “Spidermen”, but they do not have any superpower. Their job is still one of the most dangerous occupations during our time.

His name is Xing Yan, 28 years-old. He is from Huaian, Jiangsu province, he has been doing this job for ten years in Shanghai. He said he thought about leaving Shanghai before, but there is no other way for him to make money. His wife asked him to change a job, but he has been searching for more than two years, yet still hanging himself on a steel cable every day.

“This is the fastest way to make money. I can make hundreds of grand RMB every year. I am staying here just to make a living,” he told us.

Every day in Shanghai, Yan Xing keeps this on his mind: “Every day is the same, every day in Shanghai is the same, and no day is particularly happy.” He watched Pudong turn from rice fields into a financial district and watched salary rise from Hundreds into tens of thousands. Experienced brothers falling from those fancy skyscapes ... If his folks from home ask him what is going on in Shanghai. How should he answer their question?
Perhaps he made his share of contribution for the city’s prosperity and he should have also enjoyed some thing from this kind of prosperity. But he still understands that the city does not belong to him. He wants to go home but he cannot leave. This is the dilemma he is facing now.