Director: Allen Lv
Producer: Wang Miao
DoP: Allen Lv
B_Cam:Wang Miao/Chung Hsin Huang
Line Producer: Sienna
Editor: Wang miao
Sound Design: Tim Qiu

He and her in the mirror

He is a male disciple under Mei landing school, directly kowtow to Mei baojiu

Cross-dressing Beijing opera performer who hide under the fame,
Performing wild on stage, being calm off stage

I didn't care about other people's ideas. This made me become myself now.

Lens start with the famous skyscrapers along Huangpu river, panning down, slowly to see the most flourishing spot – Shanghai “Xin Cun”. In here, you can meet extraordinary characters in this ordinary place.

His name is Li Jian, he came to shanghai when he was 18, has been living here for 20 years.

He has double identity, on and off stage, male and female. When he is not performing, He is the deputy chief physician of the Department of Geriatrics at Shanghai Tongji Hospital. He is the third generation descendant of the Chinese Beijing Opera of Mei School Art. He is a rare cross-dressing performer.

When he was a child, Li Jian sat in the back seat of his dad’s bike and learned the Mei’s “Su San Qi Jie”. He studied hard for many years of Peking opera phonology and kowtow to Mr. Mei. He must not forget that Mr. Mei has two requires before take him as a descendant: "Since you have worshipped me, you must learn the school of Mei properly, and you must obey the rules. Second, you cannot give up your medical job, you need to save more people.

Li Jian’s double identity seems to be incompatible with others, but he finds “a common place”. The doctor treats the body, and the art cares for the spirit. To be a doctor is to insist, and to perform is to insist. Everyone has heard of the Mei School's splendor and glory, but fewer and fewer people appreciate it. They are willing to sacrifice their lives, go through the stage between genders, and turn into women in the Beijing Opera is one of million

With regard to the description of drama, theoretician Dr. Richard Boleslavsky said that drama is a great mystery. In the mystery, it is magically combined with two phenomena of ancient immortality, the dream of “best for good” and the dream of “eternal”.

In the interview, Li Jian said: "I didn't care very much about other people's ideas. This made me become myself now." Choose your own path, make your own dream, observing for decades, only for perfection and eternal.