Director: Allen Lv
Producer: Wang Miao
DoP: Jeremy Rubier /Jay Meador
Line Producer: Xixi Nie
Editor: Jeremy Rubier
Sound Design: Tim Qiu

The most extraordinary sport on Earth

The shiniest glow of youth

When people talks about skateboarding, they are actually talking about liberty.

Back in the 1960s, the New York City is the heaven for skateboarders. Everyone was skating. 
There were a series of photos from the LIFE magazine that portrayed people in various outfits. 
Some of them were doing hand-plant, others were in the same frame with their dogs.
They were all on their skateboards. 
The essence of that series of pictures is that everyone looks genuinely happy when they’re on the board. 
Vibe of the city merged itself with the spirit of skateboarders.

If Skateboarding ever had a figure, then he must be a teenager --- young, creative, with a pumping heart that seems would never stop. He would love adventures, and challenges. Skateboarding is the best way to fight against gravity without the help of futurist science technologies. It might just be the coolest sport which you can do on the surface of the Earth.

Skateboarding is not only a sport, but also gradually becoming a kind of lifestyle. Both fashion and music have been played an important role in the culture of skateboarding. It even defines what kind of person that you truly desire to be.

KASHIWA TAKESHI is a boy from Japan. He looks like a character who walks straight out of Hirokazu Koreeda’s film. He came to Shanghai about five years ago. He had been skating for five years and six months.

TAKESHI KASHIWA dreams to become a professional skateboarder someday.

Skateboarding is the way for TAKESHI KASHIWA to connects with shanghai. It takes him around the city, and those street spots. He said: “If I find an interesting spot, I’ll skate there and memorize where its located.” This is how he expresses himself, whenever he is on the board, he feels like he can do anything, go anywhere.

The freedom that he has is the kind of liberty that Shanghai provided him. In 2017, Shanghai, you can live your own way.